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9mm 124gr HST JHP 20rd

Manufacturer: Federal
Part Number: P9HST1S
Product Code: 029465063924
Price: $30.95
Quantity available: 3

For those seeking the epitome of protection consider the Federal Premium Personal Defense Centerfire Handgun Ammunition notably the Federal HST 9mm ammo. The Federal Premium Defense HST Ammunition stands tall among the most potent ammo in today's market. Specifically crafted for those who won't compromise on their safety the 9mm HST ammo delivers unmatched results.

This ammunition is designed for consistent and optimum penetration coupled with remarkable expansion and superb terminal performance. This design confers the bullets a distinct edge over other available rounds. Notably the Federal HST 124gr ammo showcases these benefits sharply. Federal 9mm 124gr rounds feature a hollow point ensuring stability when navigating through obstacles and barriers. Your defense deserves nothing but the best and Federal delivers just that.

This product is available in our store, at 18144 Woodinville-Snohomish Road, Woodinville, WA 98072.