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If you want something you do not see in the list, please drop us a note at We have relationships with many wholesale distributors and can order many high quality optics at a cost much lower than you would normally see at retail stores or on the Internet.


We have scopes for every application!

For hunting and all-around plinking, Bushnell Banner 6-18x 50mm is our favorite. It has the best optics in its price range, and an amazing reliability record according to user reviews on We have several in personal use, and they have never failed us!

For precision target work, Sightron SII Competition Rifle Scope 36x 42mm (SII36X42BRD) has the best price/performance ratio of all. It is fixed magnification, but if you are shooting paper, chances are the scope would be zoomed to its maximum all the time anyway :-). Definitely take a look at the review of this scope on (crosslinked from the scope's page). We use this scope almost exclusively for all our target rifles.

We have a fantastic collection of Ultra Dots, and we're running the SHOT Show Special, which is 10% OFF the following prices:

HD Micro 2MOAHD Micro0949227217091 (in stock)$279.95
Ultradot 6 Blk Ultradot62001400000011 (in stock)$259.95

Mounting hardware

When it comes to mounting a scope, Burris Signature Zee Rings is the best choice bar none. The plastic inserts grip the tube securely without leaving marks and pos-align inserts allow up to 20 MOA correction in elevation or windage. These two features completely eliminate the need for professional scope installation (which saves ~$100 on the spot :-)).

Do you have an AK or SKS which could use a scope? Take a look here: Red Star Scope mount for AK and SKS.

All products in Optics section

Rifle scopesRed Dot SightsBinocularsRangefinderMonocularsHandgun scopes
BurrisBurris Fullfied E1 Rifle ScopeBU20033000038100330010 (in stock)$159.95
BushnellAR Optics 1-4x24 30mm DZ-223 ReticleAR714240297570031571 (in stock)$169.95
BushnellElite 3-9x40 DOA 600 RET MatteE3940B0297570101863 (in stock)$346.95
LeupoldVX-2 6-18X40 AO Target1108160303171081682 (in stock)$539.95
LeupoldVX-5HD 3-15x44 CDS-ZL2 30mm1723680303170138511 (in stock)$1,099.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-5HD 7-36x56 CDS-TZL3 34mm1732210303170162581 (in stock)$1,899.95
LeupoldMark 3HD 4-12x40 TMR1806690303170286021 (in stock)$599.99 MAP
RedfieldRevenge 3-9X42 Accu-Ranger Sabot1152110303171521163 (in stock)$124.95
Redfield3-9x42 Revenge Dial-N-Shoot1204610303170068773 (in stock)$139.95
Sig SauerTango-MSR 1-6x24 w/ 30mm MountSOT610007986816425021 (in stock)$364.99
Sig SauerTango-MSR 1-8x24 w/ 30mm MountSOTM810007986816561271 (in stock)$479.99 MAP
SightronS2BIGSKY 4-16x42mm Adj ObjectiveS2B416427931396301243 (in stock)$509.95
Simmons6-24x/50mm Varmint/Predator 30mm6562450456185624582 (in stock)$199.95
TrijiconCredo 2-10x36 FFP 30mm29000377193074030791 (in stock)$1,099.95
US Optics1-6x24 SFP 2MOA Red DotTS-6X SFP08110690216591 (in stock)$359.95
WeaverGrand Slam 3-12x50 Matte Black 1/16MOA Fine Crosshair8006440766838064441 (in stock)$359.95
WeaverTarget 36x40 S/F Matte Black 1/16MOA Fine Crosshair8499460766838994603 (in stock)$599.95
WeaverTarget 36x40 S/F Matte Black 1/8MOA Fine Crosshair8499480766838994843 (in stock)$599.95