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No transfers from Bud's

Dear customers,

Regretfully, Precise Shooter will not handle FFL transfers from the following companies:

  • Bud's Gunshop
  • Palmetto State Armory
  • Impact Guns
  • (*)
  • Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore
  • Liberty Arms and Ammo
  • CDNN (long guns only, pistols are OK)

For security reasons we do not accept firearms shipments at our location. Shipments are placed on Will Call, and we then pick them up from the carrier. They are then stored at a secure offsite storage facility until the time of transfer.

Unfortunately, these companies do not allow placing their shipments on Will Call, even after the first delivery has failed. This serves absolutely no purpose as all carriers place orders on Will Call after the third delivery failure, regardless of whether the shipper allowed this or not. Almost no one, other than these few companies, exercises this option, and until we started accepting shipments from Bud's, we did not even know it existed.

Making an exception from our regular process for just a trickle of shipments is expensive and time consuming. We are striving to be the lowest cost firearms dealer, and efficiency is key.

We have tried to resolve the problem with these sellers, but have not been successful. Therefore, we will not be accepting transfers from them.

However, we will match (or beat) their prices on any firearm that we do not have in stock but can special-order from our distributors. We work with the 6 biggest distributors in the country, so we can almost always order any firearm that is available from them. In most cases, the firearm will be here sooner, and in most cases, this will save you the cost of transfer (in rare cases we will match the total cost of the firearm as ordered from them, including the $25 we normally charge for transfer).

Keep in mind that whether the purchase is local or not, taxes are still charged on all firearms, included those bought on the Internet, so you will not be saving on tax by buying online.

Best regards,

Precise Shooter

(*) I have special choice words for this specific retailer, Not only they are preventing their shipments from being placed on Will Call, they have also:

  • Shipped a handgun using Fedex ground service - an express violation of Fedex shipping policies
  • ...when we tried to have them change the shipment to allow Will Call pickup, they told the customer that this is a part of ATF regulations (most certainly not true!)
  • ...then when asked to redirect to a different FFL, refused to do even that, asking customer to let the shipment time out and then re-ship it.