Precise Shooter does not accept FFL transfers from several companies. We will price match their prices, however. Details are here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy from you?

A: If you are local to Seattle area, see here. If not, here.

Q: Why do you not accept credit cards?

A: Our overall gross margin is roughly 8%. Credit cards charge 2.5% transaction fees. This is one third of our profit! We understand that not being able to pay with plastic reduces the level of protection you have as a consumer. Please keep in mind that USPS Money Orders that we take as payment do offer significant level of protection as well, as engaging in fraudulent activity with them is a federal crime.

Q: I am looking for a rare gun that is out of stock everywhere. If I backorder it from you, when can I get it?

A: Unfortunately our distributors NEVER project ETA dates, and so we can't, either. On some guns backorder time can last for 6 months, even a year. Some may never be received at all.

Q: I want a military surplus gun that you do not have in stock. Can you order one for me from (Century, SOG, SAMCO, ...)? I would like a fully matching gun with a nice bore, 95% or better metal, and a decent stock.

A: The quality of military surplus guns is extremely variable. When importers grade it, they almost always grade them based on external appearance, so very often the bores on guns that sport an "Excellent" grade are rusty and pitted. Matching numbers are almost never ensured, either, and when they are, they quite often are electro-penciled rather than stamped.

In addition, some distributors of military surplus equipment - Century in particular - often take very long time to ship, so we can never accurately predict the date when the rifle arrives. More than once we have received merchandize several months after it has been ordered.

Because we cannot guarantee the quality of service on military surplus equipment, we do not generally special-order it. There are very few exceptions - occasionally there will be a great deal at the distributor that would incite us to try and get a few of these into our common stock; we can then order one or more extra for a customer that asks. But we will almost never special-order a single rifle for one customer. If we do, we would ask for at least a 20% pre-payment upfront, which would be non-refundable, regardless of the condition of the firearm.

That said, there are many online retailers that ship military surplus guns where you can order a firearm directly, such as AIM surplus, Centerfire Systems, Classic Firearms, Sarco, and others. Almost all of them have our FFL on file, and we will be more than happy to help you with the transfer. See here. Of course if you are looking for a collector-grade item, an even better idea would be to look for it on a collector market. Buying from a seller with an established reputation on gives a very high probability of success. Of course, we can help with FFL transfers from private sellers as well.

Q: Do you take trade-ins?

A: Sometimes, but we are only interested in firearms that are not in current production. We do not take optics, magazines, tactical items (especially tactical items!), or anything like that. The guns that we take in trade-in must match our personal collection which is focused on extremely accurate firearms (think Dan Wesson revolvers, competition pistols, bench-rest quality rifles) and communist block military weapons, although a few Enfields and Mausers have managed to take root there recently as well. We never resell the guns we receive in trade!

Q: Do you take guns for consignment?

A: No. Reselling guns acquired from private citizens is subject to a different, more complicated process (such as having it cleared by police). We are not set up to do this.

Q: Do you do layaways?

A: Yes, we do. Guns that are very hard to get need to be paid within a month. All the rest will need to be paid within 2 month. We do not charge extra for this service.

Q: I am out of town and can not pick the gun up right away. Can you hold it for me?

A: Yes, if you are out of town, we will hold your gun for you for up to two weeks. If you are not traveling however, we prefer that the gun be picked up within a week (excluding the time it takes for the paperwork to clear). If you fail to do this, we may sell it to the next customer who expresses an interest in it.

Q: Will you ship?

A: We can ship new firearms for the real cost of shipping. We do not ship surplus firearms because the condition varies greatly and we want to ensure that the buyer has had an opportunity to inspect the gun to avoid costly returns. We also do not ship ammunition (too expensive) and most other non-firearms items. See here for details.

Q: Will you ship to California?

A: Yes. We have an account with CA DOJ and we are authorized to ship to California. However, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the item is legal. If it is not, you will be responsible for all the return shipping charges and 15% restocking fee.