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Firearm Transfers

Often the best prices and availability can be found on the Internet. However, federal and state law requires that all interstate firearm transfers be handled by a licensed firearms dealer.

Precise Shooter is such a dealer. We are conveniently located in Woodinville right at the intersection of 405 and 522 and offer some of the lowest firearm transfer prices - $30 per firearm. The charge is the same for handgun and long gun transfers. Note that we do not accept credit cards for firearm transfers. Please bring cash or a personal check.


To comply with labor laws on overtime, we ask you that you come at least 30 minutes before the store closes if you are picking up a firearm that was shipped to our store. If you are doing a person to person transfer where the gun will change hands on that day, we ask that you come at least an hour before the store closes.

We have limited storage and we are not set up to store firearms transferred through us for a long time. We ask that all firearms are picked up within a week (excluding the time it takes to do a background check).

We can accommodate longer times by prior agreement - but please ask us BEFORE shipping the firearm to us, and under absolutely no conditions this time period will be longer than one month.

Otherwise if you fail to pick up your gun promptly, we will charge you the storage fee in the amount of $10 per week, starting on the third week after we receive the firearm, and if the gun is not picked up within a month we will ask the seller to issue the call tag to ship it back.

As explained above, this time does not include the time it takes to do the background check, so if you are delayed by two weeks, we will extend the deadlines above by these two weeks.

From a legal point of view, the transfer process is not very different from a purchase, so please verify your eligibility by taking a look at eligibility and documentation requirements on this page.

Important note on use tax collection on transfers.

State law requires that the dealer who handles the transfer collects tax on the fair value of the firearm, including shipping - but only if the firearm is coming from another dealer.

Under Initiative 594 we are no longer obligated to collect the tax on firearms that come from private parties, in or out of state (though according to the state law, you may still owe the tax to the state; it just needs to be paid by you to the state, directly. Please consult a tax professional).

If a firearm comes from an out-of-state dealer, and you have paid a tax in that state, the amount owed to WA is reduced by the amount you have paid.

Please see here for more details:

Transfer process -- buying over the Internet

Most big companies already have our license, but for the ones that don't, you can supply them with this image. A dealer will know what to do next, but if you are buying from a private party, please make sure they include a photocopy of their photo id with the shipment, and the statement showing that this is a private sale (even when they are shipping from a dealer, otherwise we will have to collect the use tax, see below). The photo id MUST have their current address.

Please then notify us of the purchase (by email, please:, and share the tracking number when it becomes available.

If you are frequently getting delayed, you can come and initiate the background check before the firearm arrives - but please not before it has shipped. If not, we will notify you when the firearm is here, and you can come to the store to do the transfer.

Please take along a copy of the receipt showing the purchase price of the firearm if we will need to collect the taxes. Please note that ultimately we are responsible for the tax on a fair market value of the firearm, so if the purchase price shown on the receipt is too low, we will be using Gunbroker to estimate FMV, and that is what will be used to compute the tax.

From there on, the transfer experience is exactly the same as the purchase. Please transition to this page for the description of the process.

Transfer process -- local transfer from a private party

Dear sellers and buyers, we would like to call your attention to the fact that the background check can sometimes take several days. Please be prepared to wait before asking us to facilitate your transaction! We are encountering a large number of cases where people do not show up to complete the transaction when background check clears. Please be aware that we treat these no-shows the same way as we treat failures to collect the firearms that we sell - we will refuse doing future business with customers who exhibit this behavior (we understand that life happens, and we will make exceptions for valid reasons - but "I chaned my mind" is not one of them).

Initiative 594 requires the local transfer of firearms between private parties (excluding gifts between the family members) to require background check. We at Precise Shooter use the following process to facilitate this transfer.

But first, a few prerequisites. The buyer of the firearm need to satisfy the requirements, including the documentation requirement, described here. The seller will need to supply a photo ID with the current address. If the address on your driver license is not where you currently live, there is alternative documentation that you can use to document it. Please see this page.

If the process is likely to take several days (a buyer is frequently delayed), the buyer needs to come first and initiate the transfer. The seller and the firearm need not be present. However, we will need the following information about the firearm:

  • Manufacturer
  • Importer, if any
  • Model
  • Type (pistol, revolver, frame, receiver, shotgun, rifle)
  • Caliber
  • Serial number
  • Barrel length (for handguns)

This information can be emailed to us by the seller, or brought along by the buyer.

The buyer will undergo the background transfer process described here. Once the process is complete, we will need the seller to come to the store, present the firearm to us for registering in our book, and receive the money from the buyer. At this point we will collect the transfer fee ($30) from the buyer and hand the firearm to him or her.

If buyer and seller expect that the background check will complete immediately, they both can visit the store at the same time, but the sequence of events remains the same: background check for the buyer must complete before we want to see the firearm.

Further questions of comments? Please call (206 489-4907) or email