Precise Shooter does not accept FFL transfers from several companies. We will price match their prices, however. Details are here.

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Firearm Transfers

Precise Shooter does not accept FFL transfers from several companies. We will price match their prices, however. Details are here.

PLEASE read the description of the process below in its entirety. It is very important that you understand the process fully. If you are unable or unwilling to read the material on this page, PLEASE STOP HERE. We will not be able to help you with the transfer.

Often the best prices and availability can be found on the Internet. However, federal and state law requires that all interstate firearm transfers be handled by a licensed firearms dealer.

Precise Shooter is such a dealer. We are conveniently located in Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, and offer some of the lowest firearm transfer prices - $25 per firearm. The charge is the same for handgun and long gun transfers. Note that we do not accept credit cards. Please bring cash or a personal check.

Important note on use tax collection on transfers.

State law requires that the dealer who handles the transfer collects tax on the price of the firearm, including shipping, unless there is a proof that the sales tax on the firearm was paid in another state (in which case the difference between the two tax rates is collected).

This includes firearms received as gifts!

Please see here for more details:

Transfer process

Long guns and handguns if the purchaser has a Concealed Pistol License

The buyer must complete a Firearm Transaction Record, Form 4473 ( before the transfer can take place. (You do not need to fill out the form beforehand, you will do it during your appointment, see below.)

The buyer must be qualified to purchase the firearm, as indicated by the form:

  • The buyer must reside in Washington State (handguns)
  • The buyer must be a US citizen or permanent resident, or a legal alien possessing Washington State alien firearms license.
  • The buyer must respond positively to question 11-a on form 4473 and negatively to questions from 11-b to 11-k.
  • The buyer must possess a valid (unexpired) government-issued ID which confirms his or her current address.
  • The buyer must be 18 or older to purchase a long gun (rifle or shotgun), 21 or older to purchase any other firearms (this include handguns and receivers)

After the form is completed, the dealer initiates a query at the National Instant Criminal Backgroun Check System (NICS) to confirm the absence of criminal record. The NICS check usually succeeds instantly, after which the firearm can be transferred to the new owner, but the system can also reject or delay the transaction.

If the transaction is rejected, the buyer cannot take possession of the firearm and will have to arrange the return to the seller through the seller, so it is always safer to file the form 4473 and do the NICS check BEFORE purchasing the firearm. However, if you have previously purchased firearms and believe that the NICS check is likely to succeed, you can do it when the firearm is received to save a trip. It is your choice.

The dealer would not know why specifically the transaction was rejected, this information is not communicated by NICS. However, the buyer will have a transaction number and will be able to contact NICS directly for the explanation of the rejection.

If the transaction is delayed, the NICS is obligated to communicate the final status to the dealer within 3 business days, not including the day on which the transaction was initiated. If the status is not communicated (which happens in the majority of cases), the firearm can be legally transferred on the fourth day.

Privacy note

NICS is legally obligated to erase the trace of successful background check within 24 hours of the completion of the check. The form 4473 is kept by the dealer for 20 years, and is transferred to ATF for safekeeping of the dealer goes out of business. Computerisation of such records is currently prohibited.

The information on which firearm is being transferred is not communicated to NICS.

If the transfer is for a handgun, WA state law requires completion of Application to Transfer Pistol, a copy of which is sent to local Police Department and WA State Department of Licensing.

Hand guns if the purchaser DOES NOT have a Concealed Pistol License

If the purchaser of the handgun does not possess Concealed Pistol License, the aforementioned form 4473 and Washington State Application to Transfer Pistol are still required, but instead of contacting NICS the dealer must send the Application to Transfer Pistol to local Law Enforcement Authority where the purchaser lives. For example, in Seattle it is Seattle Police Department.

Local Law Enforcement Authority has to conduct the background check within 5 business days not including the date on which the application was submitted. If the response is not received, the dealer can legally transfer the pistol on the 6th day.

NFA firearms: machine guns, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and silencers

Dealing in firearms regulated under National Firearms Act of 1934 requires a special license that Precise Shooter does not possess, therefore we cannot help you transfer these items.

Note that possession of machine guns and short-barreled rifles and shotguns by private citizens is prohibited in the State of Washington.

How to initiate a transfer

Most of the popular internet gun stores (J&G Sales, Centerfire System, AIM Surplus, ClassicArms, Bud's Gun Shop, and many others) already have our FFL on file. You need to tell them to use Precise Shooter (area code 98119) for the transfer.

If the seller does not have our information, please send us the details of your transaction (name and contact information of the seller, and whatever transaction ID would identify your purchase for them). We will then send the license information to them, and they will ship to us.

If a seller communicates a tracking number to you, please share it with us.

Please review eligibility and documentation requirements for purchasing a firearm - ideally, prior to making the purchase.

If you do not have a CPL and are purchasing a handgun, you should definitely stop by as early as possible to initiate the background check. This process takes 5 days to complete, and most handguns ship express mail and take only 2-3 days to arrive. This way you can pick your purchase up soon after it is here. Click here to reserve your appointment online.

If you do have a CPL or are buying a long rifle, you may chose to do the NICS check when you are picking the gun up. Click here to reserve your appointment.

How to pick up the firearm when it is here

We operate by appointments only.

Once we know when the firearm will be here, we will ask you to make an appointment to pick it up, which can be made on the web site here.

Note: please wait for a message from us confirming the starting date, and do not go by the tracking number. Because shipments are very frequently delayed later than the tracking information promises, we never allow same-day pick-up appointments.