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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Precise Shooter is now in Woodinville!
Our new address is 18144 Woodinville Snohomish Road, Woodinville, WA 98072

Super deals at Precise Shooter!

We know prices!

Precise Shooter has accounts with 10 biggest distributors. Distributors often run sales events, so we wrote software that goes out and scours their catalogues for great prices automatically.

The result is this page. Here you will find great prices - both in our store, when we took advantage of distributors' offers and bought things cheap - as well as deals available for special ordering.

Before special ordering, however, please read this - because non-refundable deposits are part of the process.



Century Arms, IncCENTURY CNTRN BP12 12GA 19.75" 5RDSG3960-N78745069017238$284.95
EAAEAA AKKAR PUMP 20GA 18.5" 5RD TAC11121074156690481323$179.95
EAAEAA AKKAR SEMI 20GA 18.5" 5RD TAC11123074156690483771$204.95
GirsanMC312 12GA 18.5" Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol Grip3901657415669040661 (in stock)$299.95
JTS GroupJTS M12AR 12GA 18.7" 5RD MLOK BLKM12AR810058880055174$374.95
Savage12LRP 6.5Cr191370113561913731 (in stock)$1,099.95
Savage320 Stevens Security 12GA 18.5" BL/SYNTH19486011356194862189$169.95
Savage320 Stevens Security 12GA 18.5" Ghost Ring19487011356194879346$179.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 12/18.5/3" 5RD HS PG19496011356194961187$179.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 TH 12GA 18.5" 3" 5RD GRS23248011356232489268$179.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 TH 20GA 18.5" 3" 5RD BLK23247011356232472117$169.95
Sun City Machinery Co., Ltd.Stevens 320 Security TH 20GA 18.5" GRS23249011356232496128$179.95
TristarTRISTAR CMP TACT BLACK 12/202512271378025122678$374.95
TristarTRISTAR COBRA III FORCE 12/18.52316271378023162481$204.95
TristarTRISTAR COBRA III TACTICAL 12/18.523160713780231600201$204.95
TristarTRISTAR KRX TACTICAL BLACK 12/2025125713780251257189$269.95
TristarTRISTAR KRX TACTICAL FDE 12/2025130713780251301151$294.95
TristarTRISTAR RAPTOR ATAC SYN 12/2020120713780201207258$249.95