Precise Shooter does not accept FFL transfers from several companies. We will price match their prices, however. Details are here.

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How to buy from Precise Shooter

If you are outside Seattle Metro area, please go here.

Thank you for your interest in Precise Shooter products! We are a very small, part-time enterprise, so the process of buying from us is a bit different from other, more traditional firearms stores. But we are working hard to ensure that your experience with us and our products is a pleasant and rewarding experience!

A few pre-requisites.

First things first. Firearms is a tricky, heavily regulated business, and our first and foremost concern is making sure that everything we do is within the law. Therefore...

To purchase a rifle, a shotgun, or rifle and shotgun ammunition you must be at least 18 years old. To purchase a pistol, a frame, or a receiver, you must be at least 21 years old.

To purchase any firearm you have to be a US citizen, a permanent resident, or, if you are a non-immigrant alien (for example, you have H1B visa), you must have a Washington State Alien Firearm License.

To purchase handguns and receivers you also must be a resident of Washington State.

You must have a government-issued photo ID with your current address. If your photo ID does not show your current address, you must have a secondary government-issued ID that does. For example, if your driver's license does not have your current address, you can use another government-issued document (CPL, car registration, voter registration) in addition to driver's license, as long as it shows your current address.


We are located in Seattle, just north of Seattle Center (Queen Anne). All firearms transactions must be initiated from licensed location. If you want to buy a firearm, you have to come to Seattle!


By appointment :-)!

We are available for firearms transactions and consulting after 7PM on weekdays, and most of the time on Saturdays. Consider what time is most convenient for you, and use our online reservation system to request an appointment. Please leave your coordinates (phone, email), as well as the brief description of the product you are interested in, or a firearms-related topic you would like to discuss ("I need a highly accurate rifle. What can you recommend?").

If you know for sure what you want to buy, please use the "Purchase" option on the reservation page, and specify the item. This will reserve it for you. Please do not do this, however, if you are still unsure, as it may deny someone an opportunity to buy it. Use the "Consult" option instead (we do not guarantee that the item will not sell out before you come, but we do guarantee that we will contact you in advance if it does).

Click here to reserve your appointment on-line.

Once the appointment has been confirmed, please, PLEASE, PLEASE be on time! As mentioned above, we do not have a store, and someone probably has reserved a time slot right before or right after you. We are trying to space the customers generously, but NICS check can sometimes be quite time consuming.

How do I pay?

We cannot accept credit cards (credit card transaction fees are roughly one third of our average profit margin) - please bring enough cash! We do accept personal checks for firearm transfers.

Again, thank you for your interest with us, and we are looking forward to helping you with your firearms needs!