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Yugo M92PV

My distributor has an insanely great deal on these famous AK pistols, and we are passing the savings on through this group buy! Please hurry, this is not a regular price on these, and it will not last for long. The distributor went through a hundred of them in one day.

This is a semi-auto handgun version of Yugo short-barreled machinegun. M92 is chambered in 7.62x39. They are made by Zastava factory in Serbia, and imported by Century.

The guns are new and come in a box with a manual. 2 BHO magazines are included.

Detailed review of a very similar pistol M85PV (same as M92PV but in 223) is here.

The price is $430

This is a group buy deal that is open to members of WAGUN.ORG, SEATTLEGUNS.NET, as well as previous Precise Shooter customers. These are being ordered from the distributor, they are not yet here. You can reserve one or more pistol from this order.

To participate, please review the rules for buying firearms from Precise Shooter and send email to with the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your mailing address
  3. Your phone
  4. Your email (the one you read at least once a day)
  5. Your WAGUNS.ORG or SGN handle
  6. ...and the statement: "I commit to purchasing X Zastava M92PV pistols for $430+tax each", where X is the number you want.

The delivery will be in approximately 10 days. I will confirm when the order is placed with the distributor.