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Sig P226 Extreme

Sometimes excellence just isn't enough. While SIG SAUER pistols are functionally flawless right out-of-the-box, some shooters can’t resist taking things up a notch. For them, SIG SAUER offers the EXTREME series, six of our most popular models tricked out with all the features a shooter could want, from short reset triggers, front cocking serrations to custom grips and more.


This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!


This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!

Item Number E26R-9-XTM-BLKGRY/E26R-40-XTM-BLKGRY
Caliber 9mm/40S&W
Action Type DA/SA
Trigger Pull DA 10.0 lbs
Trigger Pull SA 4.4 lbs
Overall Length 8.2 in
Overall Height 5.5 in
Overall Width 1.5 in
Barrel Length 4.4 in
Sight Radius 6.3 in
Weight w/Mag 34.0 oz
Mag Capacity 15 Rounds
Sights SIGLITE® night sights
Grips Hogue custom G10 Grips
Frame Finish Black Hard Anodized
Slide Finish Nitron
Accessory Rail Yes
Features Front cocking serrations, Hogue G10 grips, SRT trigger
MSRP $1,146.00
CA Compliant No
MA Compliant No

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SIG 1911 MAX .40S&W 5" ADJ SGT 8-SH TWO-TONE G10191140MAXM7986814405972 (special order)$1,349.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK ROSEWOOD <191145BSS7986813133721 (special order)$879.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP SUPER TARGET ADJ SGT 8-SH BLACK WALNUT191145BSTGT7986815116625 (special order)$1,304.95
SIG 1911 TARGET .45ACP 5" NITRON ADJ SGHT-CALIFORNIA <191145BTGTCA7986814371531 (special order)$879.95
SIG 1911 XO .45ACP 5" CONTRAST SIGHT 8-SH BLACK ERGO GRIP191145BXO7986813174002 (special order)$819.95
SIG 1911 XO .45ACP 5" CONTRAST SIGHT 8-SH BLACK-CALIFORNIA191145BXOCA7986814371842 (special order)$819.95
SIG 1911 POW-MIA .45ACP 5" NGT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK CUSTOM HOGUE191145POWMIABLK7986814386624 (special order)$1,054.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" NITE SIGHT S/S 8-SH BLACKWOOD-CALIFORNIA1911-45-SSS-CA7986814371228 (special order)$879.95
SIG 1911 STX .45ACP 5" ADJ NGT SIGHT 8-SH TWO-TONE WOOD191145STX7986813174792 (special order)$949.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" TWO TONE NITE SIGHT 8SH WOOD-CALIFORNIA191145TTTCA7986814371772 (special order)$924.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" ADJ/ SGT. 8-SH POLISHED BLUE W/GOLD RSWD191145TXG7986814655143 (special order)$1,349.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 4.2" NGHT SGT 8-SH BLACK ROSEWOOD <1911CA45BSS7986813174621 (special order)$879.95
SIG 1911 SPARTAN .45ACP 4.2" NGH SGT BRONZE HOGUE1911CA45SPARTAN7986814621621 (special order)$1,054.95
SIG 1911 PVD .45ACP 4.2" NIGHT SIGHT 7-SH NICKEL PVD CUSTOM1911CO45NI7986814733284 (special order)$924.95
SIG 1911 C3 .45ACP 4.2 CONTRAS SIGHT 7-SH TWO-TONE ROSEWOOD1911CO45TC37986814066304 (special order)$819.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK ROSEWOOD <1911F45BS7986814331311 (special order)$924.95
Sig Sauer 1911, Nightmare, 45ACP, 5" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Black Finish, G10 Black Garolite Grips, Fixed Sights, 8Rd, 2 Magazines, Stainless Controls, Fastback Rounded Frame 1911F-45-NMR1911F-45-NMR79868143616328 (special order)$969.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 4.2" NIGHT 3 SIGHT 8-SH BLACK G10 <1911FCA45BSS7986814359201 (special order)$924.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 4.2" NIGHTMARE NGT SGT 8-SH BLACK G101911FCA45NMR7986814361701 (special order)$969.95
SIG 1911 TARGET .45ACP 5" NITRON ADJ SGHT-MASSACHUSETTS<1911M45BTGT7986814318789 (special order)$879.95
SIG 1911 XO .45ACP 5" CONTRAST SIGHT 8-SH BLACK-MASSACHUSETT<1911M45BXO7986814318618 (special order)$819.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" ADJ. TGT. SIGHT 8-SH S/S-MASSACHUSETTS <1911M45STGT7986814318855 (special order)$909.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" NITRON NITE SIGHT RAIL ROSEWOOD-CALIFORNIA1911R45BSSCA7986814371392 (special order)$909.95
SIG 1911 .45ACP 5" S/S W/RAIL NITE SGHT BLACKWOOD-CALIFORNIA1911R45SSSCA79868143714616 (special order)$909.95
SIG 1911 TACOPS .45ACP 5" NGT SGT 8-SH BLACK ERGO GRIP1911R45TACOPS7986814225172 (special order)$949.95
SIG 1911 TACOPS .45ACP 5.5" NGT SGT 8-SH BLACK THREADED1911R45TACOPSTB7986814264091 (special order)$1,014.95
Sig Sauer 1911 Extreme, Full Size Pistol, 45 ACP, 5" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Black Finish, Hogue Grip, LoPro Night Sights, 8Rd, Ambidextrous, Tac Rail, 2 Magazines 1911R-45-XTM-BLKGRY1911R-45-XTM-BLKGRY79868143626220 (special order)$949.95
1911 45ACP1911TCA -45-TT-OD7986815118912 (in stock)$931.95
SIG 1911 TACOPS .45ACP 5" NGT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK ERGO GRIP1911TR45TACOPS7986814347011 (special order)$949.95
SIG 1911 9MM 3.3" NIGHT SGT 8-SH TWO-TONE ROSEWOOD1911UT9TSS7986815089072 (special order)$909.95
Sig Sauer P220, Semi-automatic, DA/SA, Full Size, 45 ACP, 4.9" Threaded Barrel, Alloy Frame, Black Finish, Polymer Grips, 8Rd & 10Rd Magazines, 40th Anniversary, SIGLITE Night Sights 220-45-CP-BSS-TB-40TH220-45-CP-BSS-TB-40TH79868154188120 (special order)$974.95
SIG P220 COMBAT .45ACP 5" NIGHT SIGHTS 8-SH FDE/BLACK22045CPDSTB7986814011611 (special order)$1,039.95
SIG P220 SUPER MATCH .45ACP 5" ADJ TARGET SIGHTS 8-SH 2-TONE220BR545TASSUP7986814018959 (special order)$1,189.95
SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH S/S-MASSACHUSETTS <220M-45-SSS7986812486813 (special order)$944.95
SIG P220 CARRY .45ACP 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK220R345BSS7986813176532 (special order)$879.95
SIG P220 ELITE .45ACP 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH STAINLESS220R345SSE79868140681424 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" ADJ. 8-SH BLACK <220R45B7986812897381 (special order)$794.95
SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" SIGLITE NIGHT SIGHTS 8-SH BLACK220R45BSS7986812928995 (special order)$879.95
SIG P220 EQUINOX .45ACP 4.40" FIXED 8-SH TWO-TONE <220R45EQ7986813165711 (special order)$994.95
SIG P220 SCORPION .45ACP 4.40" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH FLATDARKEART<220R45SCPN7986814362312 (special order)$1,039.95
SIG P220 SS ELITE .45ACP 4.4" NIGHT SIGHTS 8-SH STAINLESS220R-45-SSE7986814068076 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" ADJ. 8-SH BLACK-MASSACHUSETTS <220RM45B7986812946404 (special order)$749.95
SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK-MASSACHUSETTS220RM45BSS7986812946576 (special order)$879.95
SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" NIGHT SIGHT TWO-TONE-MASSACHUSETTS <220RM45TSS7986814022813 (special order)$794.95
SIG P229 9MM NITRON 3.9" 10- SHOT W/NITE SGHT-MASSACHUSETTS2229RM9BSS7986812948791 (special order)$879.95
P224 40S&W Nitron Siglite DA/SA224-40-BSS7986814380442 (in stock)$699.95
P224 40S&W Equinox Siglite DAK224-40-EQ-DAK7986814369341 (in stock)$749.95
P224 40S&W SAS GEN2 Siglite DAK224-40-SAS2B-DAK7986814381291 (in stock)$749.95
P224 Extreme 40SW Siglite SRT DA/SA224-40-XTM-BLKGRY7986814381812 (in stock)$799.95
P224 Extreme 40SW DAK224-40-XTM-BLKGRY-DAK7986814381051 (in stock)$749.95
P225 9mm 3.6"225A-9-BSS-CL79868153922229 (special order)$954.95
SIG P225 9MM 3.6" NIGHT SIGHT THREADED BBL BLK 8-SH225A9BSSCLTB7986815392395 (special order)$1,014.95
SIG P225 9MM 3.6" NIGHT SIGHT 2/8RD MAGS BLK FRM WOOD225A-9-BSS-CLW7986815549356 (special order)$879.95
SIG P226 40SW 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT 10-SH BLACK-CALIFORNIA226R40BSSCA79868143039011 (special order)$879.95
SIG P226 40SW 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT NITRON 10-SH-MASSACHUSETTS <226RM40BSS7986812950123 (special order)$794.95
SIG P226 40SW 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT TWO-TONE 10-SH-MASSACHUSETTS <226RM40TSS7986814024585 (special order)$794.95
SIG P226 .9MM 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT NITRON 10-SH-MASSACHUSETTS226RM9BSS7986812946644 (special order)$879.95
SIG P227 CARRY NITRON .45ACP 10-ST BLACKENED S/S W/NITE SGT227R345BSS7986814558679 (special order)$879.95
SIG P227 NITRON .45ACP 10-SHOT BLACKENED S/S W/NITE SIGHTS <227R45BSS7986814530782 (special order)$879.95
SIG P227 EQUINOX .45ACP 2-TONE 4.4" TFO FRONT/REAR NIGHT SGT227R45EQ79868146532312 (special order)$994.95
SIG P227 ENHANCED .45ACP SIGLITE SIGHT 10 SHOT227R45ESE79868151249218 (special order)$949.95
Sig Sauer P227, Compact, 45 ACP, 4.4" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Flat Dark Earth Finish, Night Sights, 10Rd, 2 Magazines 227R-45-FDE227R-45-FDE79868148025818 (special order)$924.95
Sig Sauer P227 Tacops, 45 ACP, 4.4" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Black Anodized Finish, G10 Magwell Grips, TRUGLO Fiber Optic Front/SIGLITE Night Sight Rear, 4-10Rd Magazines 227R-45-TACOPS-E227R-45-TACOPS-E79868152303019 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P229 ENHANCED ELITE .40S&W 3.9" NGT SIGT BLACK-CALIFORNIA229R40ESECA7986814347252 (special order)$949.95
SIG P229 40SW NITRON 3.9" 10- SHOT W/NITE SGHT-MASSACHUSETTS229RM40BSS7986812948318 (special order)$879.95
SIG P229 40SW TWO-TONE 3.9" 10 SHOT W/NITE SGHT-MASSACHUSETT<229RM40TSS7986814027008 (special order)$794.95
SIG P229 9MM TWO-TONE 3.9" 10 SHOT W/NITE SGHT-MASSACHUSETT<229RM9TSS7986814027241 (special order)$879.95
SIG P238 .380ACP TWO-TONE FIXED NIGHT SIGHTS 6-SH238380BG7986814181521 (special order)$574.95
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" FIXED NIGHT SIGHTS 6-SH BLACK238380BSS79868141521244 (special order)$574.95
SIG P238 DESERT .380ACP 2.7" NIGHT SIGHTS 7-SH DESERT TAN238380DES79868143802015 (special order)$599.95
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" NIGHTMAR NIGHT SIGHT 6-SH BLACK238380NMR7986815115945 (special order)$599.95
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" NIGHT SIGHT 6-SH BLACK ROSEWOD238380RG7986814179642 (special order)$574.95
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" NIGHT SIGHT 6-SH ALUMINUM GRIPS <238380TSSTRIBAL7986814557993 (special order)$599.95
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" BLACK DIAMOND PLATE-MASSACHUSETTS <238M380BDP7986814412042 (special order)$599.95
SIG P238 .380ACP TACTICAL LASER NITE SGHT-MASSACHUSETTS<238M380TL7986814262322 (special order)$659.95
SIG P239 SAS GEN 2 .40S&W NIGHT SIGHT 7-SH BLACK23940SAS2B7986814123721 (special order)$794.95
SIG P239 9MM 3.6" NITRON NITE SIGHT 8-SH-CALIFORNIA2399BSSCA7986814374501 (special order)$774.95
SIG P239 SAS GEN-2 9MM LUGER NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK239-9-SAS2B7986814123651 (special order)$794.95
SIG P239 .40S&W 3.6" NITRON NITE SIGHT 7-SH-MASSACHUSETTS<239M40BSS7986812443624 (special order)$724.95
SIG P239 40SW 3.6" TWO-TONE NITE SIGHT 8-SH-MASSACHUSETTS<239M40TSS7986812443861 (special order)$724.95
SIG P239 .9MM 3.6" NITRON NITE SGHT 8-SH BLACK-MASSACHUSETTS239M9BSS7986812426892 (special order)$774.95
SIG P239 .9MM 3.6" TWO-TONE NITE SIGHT 8-SH-MASSACHUSETTS<239M9TSS7986812444091 (special order)$774.95
SIG P250 .22LR 3.9" CONTRAST SIGHT 10-SH BLACK POLYMER250C22BAS79868151358153 (special order)$354.95
SIG P250 .40S&W 3.9" CONTRAST SIGHT 13-SH BLACK POLYMER250C40B79868142612615 (special order)$389.95
SIG P250 .40S&W 3.9" NITRON NITE SGHT POLY-MASSACHUSETTS <250C40BSSMA7986814211071 (special order)$424.95
SIG P250 .45ACP 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 9-SH BLACK POLYMER <250C45BSS7986814096551 (special order)$424.95
SIG P250 .9MM 4.7" NIGHT SIGHT 17-SH BLACK POLYMER <250F9BSS7986814096622 (special order)$424.95
SIG P250 .380ACP 3.6" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH BLACK POLYMER <250SC-380-BSS7986814365454 (special order)$509.95
SIG P250 .40S&W 3.6" NIGHT SIGHT 10-SH BLACK POLYMER <250SC40BSS7986814149704 (special order)$424.95
SIG P250 9MM 3.6" CONTRAST SIGHT 12-SH BLACK POLYMER250SC9B7986814218558 (special order)$389.95
SIG P290RS 9MM LUGER 2.9" NIGHT SIGHT 8-SH BLACK POLYMER290RS-9-BSS79868143762725 (special order)$394.95
SIG P290RS 9MM 2.9" NIGHT SIGHT 6-SH RAINBOW POLYMER <290RS9RB7986814490191 (special order)$439.95
SIG P320 .40S&W 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 13-SH BLACK POLYMER320C-40-BSS79868147427138 (special order)$549.95
SIG P320 9MM 4.6" NIGHT SIGHT 17-SH BLK POLYMER THREADED BBL320CA9BSSTB7986815142435 (special order)$604.95
SIG P320 .40S&W 4.7" CONTRAST SIGHT 14-SH BLACK POLYMER320F40B7986815060263 (special order)$484.95
Sig Sauer P320, Full Size Pistol, Semi-automatic, Striker Fired, 40 S&W, 4.7" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Nitron Finish, 10Rd, M1913 Rail, Contrast Sights 320F-40-B-10320F-40-B-107986815060574 (special order)$484.95
SIG P320 .40S&W 4.7" NIGHT SIGHT 14-SH BLACK POLYMER320F40BSS7986814743013 (special order)$549.95
SIG P320 .40S&W 3.6" CONTRAST SIGHT 10-SH BLACK POLYMER320SC40B7986815135361 (special order)$484.95
SIG P938 .22LR 4.1" ADJUSTABLE SIGHT 10-SH BLACK ROSEWOOD93822BTGTAMBI4 (special order)$529.95
SIG P938 TARGET .22LR 4.1" ADJ CONTRAST SIGHT 10-SH BLACK93822TGTAMBI7986814802962 (special order)$554.95
SIG P938 NIGHTMARE 9MM NIGHT SIGHTS 6-SH BLACK BLACKWOOD9389NMRAMBI7986814419211 (special order)$659.95
SIG SP2022 .40S&W 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH BLACK POLYMER <E202240BSS7986813066407 (special order)$469.95
SIG P224 EXTREME 40S&W 3.5" NIGHT SIGHT 1/10RD & 1/12RD B<E24-40-XTM-BLKGRY7986814805001 (in stock)$799.95
SIG P224 40S&W 3.5" NIGHT SIGT 1/10RD & 1/12RD MAG BLACK <E2444BSS7986814804703 (special order)$864.95
SIG P226 .357SIG 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH BLACKE26R357BSS7986813040731 (special order)$879.95
SIG P226 ENHANCED ELITE .357 SIG 4.4" NITE SGT BLACK NITRONE26R357ESE7986814267201 (special order)$924.95
SIG P226 LEGION .357SIG 4.4" XRAY3 DAY/NIGHT SGT GRAY PVDE26R357LEGION7986815388055 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P226 40SW 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH BLACKE26R40BSS7986813041102 (special order)$879.95
SIG P226 EQUINOX 40SW 4.4" TWO -TONE TFO FRONT/REAR NIGHT SG<E26R40EQ7986813121843 (special order)$969.95
SIG P226 LEGION .40S&W 4.4" XRAY3 DAY/NIGHT SGT GRAY PVDE26R40LEGION7986815387991 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P226 SS ELITE 40SW 4.4" NGT SGT 12-SH STAINLESSE26R-40-SSE7986814068383 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P226 TACOPS 40SW NIGHT SIGHT COMBO 15-SH BLACKE26R40TACOPS79868142254817 (special order)$1,039.95
SIG P226 ELITE SAO .9MM 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT 15-SH BLACK <E26R9BSESAO7986814359371 (special order)$969.95
SIG P226 9MM 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT 15-SH BLACKE26R-9-BSS79868130395327 (special order)$879.95
SIG P226 .9MM 4.4" TALL NIGHT SIGHT 15-SH FLAT DARK EARTH <E26R9CBT7986814125942 (special order)$969.95
SIG P226 9MM 5" TALL NIGHT SIGHT 15-SH THREADED BBL FDEE26R9CBTTB7986814126003 (special order)$1,039.95
SIG P226 ENHANCED ELITE 9MM 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT BLACK NITRONE26R9ESE7986814262563 (special order)$949.95
SIG P226 SS ELITE 9MM 4.4" NIGHT SIGHT 15-SHOT STAINLESSE26R9SSESE79868140682112 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P226 TACOPS 9MM NIGHT SIGHT COMBO 20-SHOW BLACKE26RTACOPS7986814225241 (special order)$1,054.95
SIG P227 TACTICAL .45ACP NITRON W/4.4" THREADED BBL.E27R45TAC7986814804329 (special order)$994.95
SIG P227 TACOPS .45ACP FIBER OPTIC FRONT REAR NIGHT SGT 14RE27R45TACOPSE7986815082282 (special order)$1,099.95
P229 Carry 40S&W Siglite DA/SA E29CA-40-BSS7986815314622 (in stock)$699.95
SIG P229 .40S&W 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH BLACKE29R40BSS7986813042261 (special order)$879.95
SIG P229 EQUINOX .40S&W 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH TWO TONEE29R40EQ79868131237516 (special order)$969.95
SIG P229 ENHANCED ELITE .40S&W 3.9" NGT SIGT 12-SH BLACK <E29R40ESE7986814291891 (special order)$949.95
SIG P229 SS ELITE .40S&W 3.9" NIGHT SIGHT 12-SH STAINLESSE29R40SSE7986814068692 (special order)$1,099.95
SIG P229 9MM LUGER NITRON 3.9" 15-SH W/NIGHT SIGHTSE29R9BSS79868130417221 (special order)$879.95
SIG P228 M11A1 9MM FLAT DARK EARTH 3.9" BBL. NITE SIGHTSM11A1D7986814720242 (special order)$949.95
SIG P228 M11A1 9MM THREADED 4.4" BBL. NITRON W/NITE SIGHTSM11A1TB7986814720318 (special order)$949.95
SIG P226 NAVY 9MM LUGER 4.4" NIGHT SIGHTS 15-SHOT BLACKMK-157986814506952 (special order)$924.95
SIG P226 NAVY 9MM NIGHT SIGHT 15-SH BLK THREADED BARRELMK25TB79868144859376 (special order)$969.95
SIG 716 PATROL .308 WIN 16" 10RD FDE COMPLIANT <R71616BPFDE10SC7986814678911 (special order)$1,894.95
SIG 716 PATROL .308 WIN 16" 10RD OD GREEN CA COMPLIAN<R716-16B-P-ODG-CA7986814658592 (special order)$1,849.95
SIG M400 CLASSIC 5.56 NATO 16" 10RD CA COMPLIANT <RM400-16B-C-CA7986814363471 (special order)$964.95
SIG M400 SRP 5.56 NATO 16" 10RD COMPLIANT <RM400-16B-C-SRP-10-SC7986814611101 (special order)$879.95
P226 DAK SURPLUS NS 3 MagsSIG-P226DAK-SURPLUS5 (in stock)$499.95
P250 Subcompact NS SURPLUS 3MagsSIG-P250SC-SURPLUS-NS3 (in stock)$379.95
SIG SP2022 40SW 3.9" NITRON CONTRAST SGHTSP202240B7986813050704 (special order)$439.95