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Last days of 2015 @ Precise Shooter

As you may have heard, we have lost the first round of legal challenge against Seattle Gun "Tax", and while we will, of course, appeal, this will cause some changes at Precise Shooter in the short to medium term.

Short term

On January 1, 2016 sales of guns and ammunition will cease at our Aurora location. We will continue doing transfers and sales of accessories, cleaning and reloading equipment while the licensing at our new location outside the city is in process.

We applied for our FFL and local business license a week ago, so we expect our new location to be up and running somewhere between end of January and end of February, at which point our Seattle store will close and all business will be transferred outside the city.

Effective immediately, gun sales which may stretch beyond the end of the year - such as handgun sales without a CPL - will no longer be processed. Please keep this in mind.

Also, we will no longer be processing special orders for guns that we do not have in stock. The web site has been updated to remove all special order inventory.

Medium term

While the antigun activists may have won a battle, we're in for the long term. The Seattle location may be closed, but it will not be sold - we have no doubt that eventually we will prevail.

We have to: the claim that Seattle City has made, and the lower court judge upheld, is that they can wild the tax hammer as a way to destroy any behavior or industry that they disagree with. This eviscerates the preemption at the state or federal level, and it has implications far beyond the firearms.

Can't ban firearms? Let's tax them 100,000% - that's now legal. Can't institute rent control? Let's tax landlords whose rent is too high. Pornography corrupts children? Tax adult stores. Fast food increases the rates of adult onset diabetes? That would be $15 per hamburger. Any regulation can be disguised as taxation.

So we will appeal, and we will lobby the lawmakers to smack Seattle with its legal "innovations" down. You can help us with that - write your State representative.

Until the end of the year - business as usual!

Precise Shooter is widely known for some of the best prices on guns and ammunition in Puget Sound area - and for the next week and a half we can still give you fantastic deals and the best service around.

Our ammunition is cheapest around - we price to the Internet - so check out the prices for 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP at our ammunition store.

In particular, we found a crazy deal on Beretta M9 30th Anniversary Edition, and we are passing the savings to you. It comes in a beautiful walnut presentation case, and we sell if for only $699.95 - $250-$300 less than the Internet.

We have a fantastic supply of pistols small and large - Glock 43s, 42s, Shields, and Ruger LCPs (only $219.95!) on one end of the spectrum, and a bunch of Freedom Arms revolvers and Les Baers on the other.

Our Glocks are priced at MAP, which means that you cannot buy them cheaper on the Internet - and with us there is neither shipping nor transfer charges.

One amazing deal that we have is Talo Edition Ruger SR-22 pistols. These come with Crimson Trace CMR-202 light which typically sells on the Internet for $110+. Obviously, it is completely useless on a 22LR plinker, but for just $10 more than the base model, you can take it off and put it on a different firearm. We have 4 pistols remaining, but the battery on 3 of them went bad - the guns were store in a way that caused the light to activate. If we discover a good source of the batteries, we might replace them ourselves, if not, it is still a crazy deal even with a dead battery.

See our firearms inventory here.