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1035812 PMR-30 Blued/Black Grip

Manufacturer: KelTec
Part Number: PMR30BBLK
Product Code: 640832002676
Price: $459.95
Quantity available: 2

The PMR-30 is a light weight full size pistol chambered for the flat-shooting .22Magnum cartridge (.22WMR). The PMR-30 operates on a unique hybrid blowback/locked-breech system. This operation system allows for the use of a wide variety of ammunition as it seamlessly adjusts between locked breach and blowback operation depending on the pressure of the cartridge. It uses a double stack magazine of a new design that holds 30 rounds and fits completely in the grip of the pistol. The trigger is a crisp single action with an over-travel stop. The manual safety is a thumb activated ambidextrous safety lever (up for SAFE down for FIRE). The slide locks back after the last shot and a manual slide lock lever is also provided. The light crisp trigger pull and fiber optic sights make the PMR-30 ideal for target shooting and hunting small game.

Slide and barrel are 4140 steel frame is 7075 aluminum. Grip slide cover trigger mag release and safety levers are glass reinforced Nylon (Zytel) much like other Kel-Tec Pistols. Magazine is Also Zytel and holds 30 rounds with round count ports. Other features include: dual opposing extractors for reliability heel magazine release to aid in magazine retention dovetailed aluminum front sight Picatinny accessory rail under the barrel Urethane recoil buffer captive coaxial recoil springs. PMR30 disassembles for cleaning by removal of a single pin.

  • Calibers: .22 Magnum (.22WMR)
  • Weight unloaded: 13.6oz. / 386g
  • Loaded Magazine: 6oz. / 170g
  • Length: 7.9"/ 201mm
  • Height: 5.8" / 147mm
  • Width: 1.3" / 33.0mm
  • Barrel length: / 4.3" 109mm
  • Sight radius: 6.9" / 175mm
  • Energy (40gr): 138ft-lbs 187J
  • Capacity: 30 + 1 rounds
  • Trigger pull: 4-6 lbs 17.8-26.7N

  • This product is available in our store, at 18144 Woodinville-Snohomish Road, Woodinville, WA 98072.
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